Better Health Starts With You

A woman using a laptop. Above the laptop is a glowing arrow

Date: July 6, 2022 ◼︎ Client: On Par Productions ◼︎ Platform: Broadcast ◼︎ Software: Blender


On Par Productions brought me on board to add some CG elements to a Welsh Government advert. The idea was to add arrows in an 3D LED style to shots, highlighting where people can find healthcare help. Rather than modelling the arrow in a traditional way, I made use of Geometry Nodes in Blender. This allowed me to build in controls to easily and quickly change the arrow dimensions based on client feedback.

Once we were happy with the look of the arrows, I set about adding it to the footage. After some matchmoving, animating and rendering, the shots were ready to be sent off for compositing. All renders were sent over as EXR image sequences, giving the compositor high dynamic range material to work with.