Caru Canu

Date: September 3, 2020 ◼︎ Client: Picl Animation ◼︎ Platform: Broadcast/Web ◼︎ Software: Moho, DaVinci Resolve


Working with the brilliant Picl Animation and Twt Productions, I had the pleasure of animating several episodes of the second season of Caru Canu for S4C. Caru Canu is an animation series for young children, using song to educate and entertain. The episodes were aired on S4C before being added to the S4C YouTube channel.

On this production, I handled rigging and animation for each episode. This was my first Moho project, but I quickly picked it up, funnily enough there are a lot of similarities to animating in Blender. When rigging each character I gauged what they’d need to do to make sure the rig could handle it. I made heavy use of actions to keep joining lines clean and remove any gaps in artwork that appeared.