Saving Soup

Date: December 5, 2019 ◼︎ Client: Poked Studio ◼︎ Platform: Web/Social ◼︎ Software: Blender


I had the great opportunity to direct and animate on this episode of Saving Soup for Poked Studio. Gwen Austin Studios approached Poked Studio to create a series of short animations aimed towards children called Saving Soup. Each episode is geared around using inventions to overcome a problem, with this episode in particular looking at the invention of shears to save Soup from some menacing vines.

Gwen Austin Studios provided the script and from there we brainstormed how it could be visualised. I created a storyboard followed by an animatic, at each stage getting feedback from other team members and the end client. Once we were happy with the storyboard, we jumped into creating the episode.

Jon Ball from Poked Studio designed and built all elements of the Saving Soup world, from props to characters. Rigging for this series was handled by the incredibly talented Chris McFall. Animation for this episode was split between myself, Chris McFall and Jon Ball. We were very lucky to work with Phil Brookes for the sound design. If you’re interested in knowing which shots I personally animated, please get in touch.