Wooly Jumper

Date: March 7, 2021 ◼︎ Client: CG Nerd ◼︎ Platform: Web/Social ◼︎ Software: Blender, DaVinci Resolve ◼︎ Music: Lucky Me by Scott Holmes


Cardiff Quick Draw is a competition that I’ve taken part in a couple of times. You’re given the theme at 7pm on a Friday and you have 48 hours to create an animation from scratch using the theme as inspiration. The theme this time was together, so I decided to animate a little sheep called Sharon who can’t quite keep it together.

Is creating an animation in 48 hours crazy? Yes! Animation is oh so slow! The weekend is filled with sleepless nights and stress, it leaves you questioning your skills and abilities. Is it fun? Double Yes! It’s great to have an opportunity to be as creative as you can with the very very limited time you have. It forces you to think on your feet, be creative with problems that arise and most importantly, it gives you an opportunity to create something new. I thoroughly enjoyed taking part, I can’t wait until the next one.

Sharon the sheep
Sharon – The leading lady of Wooly Jumper